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Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd. Expands Solutions into New Sector


Kingtone has signed a three year contract with Xi'an Interactive Space Media Company to provide 3G wireless solutions on Interactive Taxi Cab Displays in Xi'an, Shaanxi province.

There are roughly 10,000 taxi cabs in the city of Xi'an. During the first phase of the project, Kingtone will develop interactive software solutions and install hardware in 3,100 taxis in the city. Unlike the traditional taxi cab displays which provide delayed basic information, the Company's solutions will deliver real-time highly relevant information about traffic, places of interests, restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment in the cabs. In addition, this product will enable passengers to search for local guides and ads specifically related to their destinations and find discount coupons from local vendors thanks to the built-in GPS and RFID technology. More importantly, vendors will obtain real-time and precise data on ads play times, number of hits and various other statistics through a secured web access.

"The signing of this contract on 3G-based Wireless Interactive Taxi Cab Displays further demonstrates our ability to successfully enter new sectors," said Mr. Peng Zhang, Chief Executive Officer of Kingtone. "This is a new sales model for us as we directly cooperate with private enterprises to provide solutions for individual consumers. We will continue to expand the versatility of our solutions to maintain our leadership in the 3G Wireless Application Industry".