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Mobile Police Solution

The mobile police solution is a mobile application platform that provides improvements in mobility and response time to police agencies throughout China. It is based on the technical specifications of China’s Ministry of Public Security and relies on a wireless network to transmit information from back-end servers to intelligent mobile phones and devices. This solution enables multi-dimensional services such as comprehensive inquiry, real-time execution, officer and vehicle location identification, multi-channel communications, integrated dispatching, on-site evidence acquisition and submission, electronic fingerprinting and all other functions performed by police officers in the field. The solution includes separate versions for traffic police and security and community police.

Our mobile police solution can satisfy the business needs of a multi-discipline police force and ensure data integrity and security for both police departments’ intra- and internet networks utilizing a certified encoded platform built to the specifications of the Ministry of Public Security. The solution also satisfies the Ministry requirements of interface standardization and is an indispensable tool for a high-tech police force.

  1. The Security and Community Police Version
  1. The Traffic Police Version