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Industrial Automation Solution

Industrial Automation Solution combines production information and management information from various databases to l share information across an enterprise’s internal network.   It integrates the functions of management and production process control, which include management and control of line operations, plan optimization, production scheduling, material balance, production cost management, raw material transportation, product distribution and process optimization. This system can be widely implemented in manufacturing industries , such as petrochemicals、building materials and chemical engineering as well as mechanical assembling industry such as mechanical design、manufacturing、processing and packaging.

Industrial Automation Solution is a highly-efficient and reliable system integrating Wi-Fi technology、advanced sensor technology、automatic measurement technology and automatic control technology. It enables users to master key data , such as temperature、pressure、float level、flow rate as well as output、and inventory level along the entire production line. It is easy for users to notice potential safety hazards and take immediate measures to minimize potential losses .

Industrial Automation Platform is a wireless application system that supports multi-network such as 3G、GSM、GPRS、CDMA1X and incorporates various functions into mobile terminals by combining industrial controls、on-site data collection 、live monitoring、live data management analysis、flow simulation、 advanced control and optimization、statistical analysis inquiry、data integration、dispatching optimizing production schedule and WEB management. It integrates industrial automation control technology and network technology, connects every type of relevant information within the company and explores all potential solutions. This enables companies to make better operational decisions under competitive pressure.


  • 24 hour Mobile audio surveillance
  • Simultaneous data processing enables users to obtain information without delay and manual entry.
  • A combined inquiry function enables users to project [model???] future trends by connecting historical data and real-time datas
  • A dynamic report with linear graphs enables users to obtain both point-in-time data and specific trends
  • Mobile terminal control functions make remote operations possible.
  • hour automatic inventory updates and dispatching functions ensure a better inventory management system with easy controls and forecasting capabilities.